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The services provided by Eileen were not only spectacular but also enlightening, never in my life did I ever think of seeking help in regards to my spiritual well being, I regret not doing it sooner. In life we are taught constantly that we are our worse enemies, but she showed me I can be my best friend, to be self driven, to love myself, to be able to be loved. The changes to my Lee were unexpected, one I found out how to speak with the inner me(with Eileen‘s help) there were no barriers, hindsight was the first side effect, she taught me when your perspective is negative,  you have to change it to a positive, nothing big at first, but as small as a want,  want for better, want for love of self,  to pay attention to the things I lack, and be driven by it. If I can say that Eileen has helped nee to get my life back on track it’s seen understatement, she helped save me from the self destructive path I was on, and had no clue how to fix,  her spiritual guidance is well placed and anyone that seeks her, shall see a difference that will surely motivate you as it did myself. 

– Francisco Saavedra

Find me at Gretel Garcia Acupuncture Office – 1330 SW 22 ST, Suite 209 #: 305-721-7682