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Eileen Silverberg is the founder and director of E.S. Being Aloha Souland a PSYCH-K® facilitator. Eileen is passionate about helping people find the nectar and elixir of life to transform their path into strength, art, and light.  This technique is like no other technique out there. This is a guided meditation using the power of the spoken word, poetry, imagery, movement, and dance for the soul.  Through E.S. Being Aloha Soul, Eileen has found ways for women to feel empowered, find their inner wisdom, boost their self esteem, encounter emotional healing, and discover the paradise that lives within themselves.

Who is Eileen Silverberg?

Eileen is from the beautiful island of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  She was raised an only child of a divorced, single mother.  Eileen didn't reunite with her father until the age of 25.  Even through her younger years, she believed she was put in this world to love and to understand that we come with bigger plans than we know of.  Eileen has a degree in Design from San Diego State University.  At the age of 22, she took her first trip to Hawaii where she first experienced the beautiful energy "Mana" that the island has to offer.   Since then, Hawaii has always been the place where she feels truly centered and recharged!  Her spiritual connection has been a part of her walk of life since her upbringing.  Through her work, Eileen exudes the ideals of spirituality, joy and passion for life.  One of her biggest passions is dancing so there is no coincidence that through dancing she was inspired to create E.S. Being Aloha Soul!  She currently resides in Miami, Florida, with her husband and daughter. Eileen is the facilitator of Ho' oponopono in Miami, Florida, through the Agartam group.  Agartam serves as a web of consciousness where people can unite in energetic resonance. 

Having been drawn to the Hawaiian culture, Eileen never believed in coincidences, but in synchronization.  She was blessed with the introduction of Ho 'oponopono in her life when she needed it most.  In the year 2011, Eileen's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease.  Just a few months later, her husband was diagnosed with a heart condition and underwent open heart surgery.  It was within that time, that she came across information about Ho 'oponopono.  Being a woman of great faith, Ho 'oponopono was a healing technique that would not compromise her beliefs or values.  Through this time in her life, she integrated a course of miracles (Un curso de milagros), Ho 'oponopono and her undeniable faith in the Creator.

"I am a woman who has overcome intense personal challenges without losing perspective of the meaning of life!" - Eileen Silverberg

Eileen considers herself a true testimony in not controlling her emotions, but instead understanding them, having compassion of them, and letting them go. She is 100% committed to teach these techniques to all women so they can find their true Aloha paradise spirit.  Her sense of humor and unique inner child brings out Eileen's true creativity and joyful outlook on life. Eileen works through a process that fuses the mind, the body, the emotions, the soul and the spirit. In her humble opinion, that is one of the only ways to truly heal yourself and your conscious. It is ultimately where our most profound wounds lie. In the two years, Eileen has been concentrating on helping people to enrich their life, to reach equilibrium and to find the meaning of their soul!

Eileen finds inner peace in living her life through the hidden meaning of Aloha.  For those who follow the path of Huna, Aloha is about being a part of all – Ha means breath. Alo means creator. Behind the word aloha resides the honor of saluting the breath of the divine within you!

The kahuna, David Bray, interprets this code as “Come Forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and Mankind. (Huna.org)

Fundamental code

A – Ala, watchful, alertness

L, lokahi, working with unity

O, oia’I’o, truthful honesty

H, Ha’aha’a, humility

A, ahonui, patient perseverance

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