Being Aloha Soul Class


E.S. Being Aloha Soul is a transformative experience that will change your life. Music helps us connect emotionally and helps you reconnect with your essence. We are always told to be more confident, but do most of you know the steps? E.S Being Aloha Soul will help you to find the best version of yourself while boosting your self esteem! We hope that you will join us in awakening the beam of light within you!

How E.S. Being Aloha Soul came to be!

It all started one morning in her ballroom class.  Eileen had a surreal experience during one of the routines.  Instead of following the routine, the rhythm and looking at her form in the mirror... Eileen transported herself on a trip to the beautiful waterfall in Hawaii at Waimea Valley Falls.  She recreated her time in the misty, green luscious place that brought her peace and serenity throughout the whole hour of dance class. Working through her fears and moving in confidence – lifting her self esteem and having faith in life – Eileen felt total purification – She felt at new.

"I literally left my present body and transported myself to a very healing place that I created in my mind." -Eileen Silverberg

In recent years, she has been trying to write a self help book for women, who are only children, that have parents who suffer from Alzheimer Disease. As she tried to write the book, words never seemed to come easy and didn't flow as she had expected they would. This was a healing tool that she used when her husband underwent open heart surgery.  To her surprise, she felt stuck and was not able to utilize this tool. 

"God only knew that I had the material within myself all along."

This is how E.S. Being Aloha Soul was born!! Eileen is very proud and honored to be able to help women find a profound reason to be happy, a reason to light their soul and the ability to share with them what an amazing technique the Ho ‘oponopono practice can bring to their life!  With E.S. Being Aloha Soul, Eileen wants to remind everyone how to extract the nectar and elixir out of life and how to find their inner alchemist. Join Eileen to create real magic!!

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