Handmade Products

Eileen's soaps and cremes are crafted with a lot of love and intention. She uses 100% certified organic essential oils, all natural fragrance oils, and colors.  As she likes to say she “cooks” or prepare her soaps in a sterilized area while playing beautiful music and channeling a peaceful energy.  No bad energies are welcome during cooking time!

Along with soaps and cremes, Eileen also spends most of her time crafting hand painted tiles! These tiles are cleansing tools to remind you of your daily practice. These are custom-made items that can be purchased in-store currently at Luna Bohemia or purchased by special order with Eileen directly! Call her at (305) 525-3011 for orders! 


"My purpose in creating this line is to reinforce some of the exercises we do in the E.S. Being Aloha Soul class." -Eileen Silverberg

Eileen's hope for clients is to take that sacred time for themselves any time of the day. From a daily morning routine, where they can do a type of meditation, while they lather on the creme to a night routine where they remind their body how much it is loved before they go to sleep. The ultimate purpose is to remind themselves how much they are loved. She wants women to talk to their body in a positive and uplifting way. Since Eileen was a young girl, she had the gift of practicing energetic processes and transforming the soul by the power of words and intentions. She has created these cremes and soaps with the endeavor to break away the blockage and uplift the little child within us.


Depending on the situation, Eileen can suggest different essential oils that will target the specific emotional blockage or programs that are not allowing you to be a better version of yourself! As a customer, you also have the ability to choose your own essence that you feel will better fit your situation once you come into contact with it... whatever may call you or draw you in. This is a magical process because you discover that you have your own doctor within yourself – the power to heal yourself resides within you.

Whenever you attend angel therapy,  numerology readings, or a crystal reiki healing session – she will have products available for purchase as well as order forms for customized orders.

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